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In The News

That's Some Pig - Fall 2005 article in Proto Magazine (Massachusetts General Hospital Dispatches from the frontiers of Science) An excellent article describing in some detail what Dr. Sachs and his staff are accomplishing in their lab at the TBRC in Boston . full article

The XENO Chronicles “Two Years on the Frontier of Medicine -- Inside Harvard's Transplant Research Lab”. A book written in the Spring of 2005 by G. Wayne Miller. “G. Wayne Miller's absorbing, dramatic narrative account of a brilliant scientist's attempts to achieve a breakthrough offers an illuminating look into the minds, hearts, labs, and practical realities of those on the very forefront of medical science. Mr. Miller spent two years in the lab with Dr. Sachs and his staff developing this book.” For further information and/or to purchase a copy please contact

Parade Article “Give the gift of Life” December 2004 – an excellent article discussing how patients currently experience the process of obtaining an organ for transplant. The article references “50 Years of Transplants” and discusses the promising areas of research being conducted in “Immune Tolerance, Xenotransplantation, and Tissue engineering”. All of these promising areas of research are currently on going at the TBRC . Full Parade article .

Patients Stories “Video Clips Spring 2005A video was created to facilitate a layman's understanding of the very complex science of transplantation. Below are links to patient's stories of their individual experiences with transplantation. The first two stories describe the revolutionary procedure of utilizing the Tolerance Induction procedure developed by Dr. Sachs and his colleagues. The second two stories concern currently available transplant procedures. The fifth story provides a perspective on the importance of Xenotransplantation to the future of this field by an eminent cancer surgeon at the National Institutes of Health. Contact us if you are interested in obtaining the full video “Research Today for the Transplants of Tomorrow”.