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Sausage Lentil Stew

Looking for a soup to warm your soul? Or a quick weeknight recipe? Prep a batch of this hearty, nutritious and healthy Sausage Lentil Stew for a hot dinner you can enjoy all week long. Most pre-made sausage is loaded…

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Cooking for a whole family can be tough, especially when you're trying to provide your picky eaters with nutritious meals. This recipe has you covered. This recipe for homemade meatballs makes a large batch of 24 meatballs that will feed…

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Crock-Pot Pasta Sauce

Don't neglect your veggies during these desolate winter months. If you're looking for a way to avoid the Harmful 7 and enjoy a family favorite, try making a batch of this Crock-Pot Pasta Sauce. You and your kids can keep…

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Spaghetti Pie

Did you know you can swap out regular spaghetti noodles with spiralized veggies like zucchini, carrots or sweet potatoes? You can also use spaghetti squash. It's a great way to add nutrition to a classic dish. If you're feeling adventurous,…

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