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Detroit Is Bringing Farm To School

Detroit is Bringing Farm to School

Our school partners are our powerful allies in this fight against the Harmful 7. Detroit Public Schools Community District is an example of the innovative and exciting efforts to eliminate the Harmful 7 from school food. Our grant of $264,000 assists DPSCD in the removal of the Harmful 7 from their menus through a unique Farm-to-School model. 

With the vision of DPSCD, abandoned property has been transformed into Drew Farm, a 2-acre farm that can grow, harvest, process and package thousands of pounds of greens, root vegetables and other produce for thousands of students each year. Our grant provides Drew Farm with farming and kitchen equipment that DPSCD needs to support their large network of 141 school kitchens.

The dollars saved in processing the freshly grown produce allows DPSCD to purchase higher quality food for a Harmful 7 free menu.


Our partnership is allowing DPSCD to remove Harmful 7 ingredients from their menu while simultaneously creating an inspiring and aspirational Farm-to-School model for other districts nationwide.


See more about how DPSCD is carrying out our mission to remove the Harmful 7 from school food here:


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