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Life Time Foundation is committed to helping children live healthy, happy lives.


Our partnerships with districts center around the creation of sustainable change through the procurement of clean label foods and increase of meals cooked from scratch, while eliminating seven categories of ingredients of concern, which we refer to as the Harmful 7.

The Harmful 7 include:

• Trans Fats & Hydrogenated Oils
• High-Fructose Corn Syrup
• Hormones & Antibiotics
• Processed & Artificial Sweeteners
• Artificial Colors & Flavors
• Artificial Preservatives
• Bleached Flour

Through our multi-year partnerships we provide the support of a registered dietitian who works closely with the food service team to identify all product labels containing the Harmful 7. Together they create and implement a plan to shift towards foods free from the Harmful 7 and increase fresh food offerings and scratch and speed-scratch cooking practices.

We also provide financial grants to address emerging needs to achieve the elimination of the Harmful 7, such as capital equipment, staff training, education and marketing, and operational support. Eligible school districts meet the following qualifications:

  • Are committed to eliminating ingredients of concern
  • Participates in the USDA National School Lunch Program
  • Have the support from key stakeholders
  • Self-operate their programs

Contact Us!

For more information or questions on partnering with the Life Time Foundation, please email Valeria La Rosa, Sr. Program Manager, at

Help Schools remove the harmful 7. A graphic of the number 7 with these words to make up the 7: trans fats & hydrogenated oils, processed & artifical sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, hormones & antibiotics, artifical colors & flaors, artifical preservatives, bleached flour.

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