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5 Snacks For Kids To Travel Healthy

5 Snacks For Kids To Travel Healthy

Summertime always seems to be jam-packed with travels. Whether it’s hopping on a plane for a family wedding or squeezing the whole family into a car for a weekend trip to the cabin, healthy stops on the road are few and far between. It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for snacks on the go, so you don’t find yourself pulling into the fast food drive-in next time you are faced with kids saying, “ARE WE THERE YET?! I’M STARVING!”

1.  Trail Mix.

This is so easy to make on your own, or you can find a good option at your local grocery store (look for ones that aren’t loaded with added sugars). Our favorite Trail Mix recipe includes – nut of choice (we used peanuts), 100% dark chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, coconut chips, and craisins. The dark chocolate chips and craisins offer the perfect amount of sweetness without any artificial or refined sugars!

2. Overnight Oats.

A simple, easy-to-make-ahead, portable, and delicious recipe that will keep everyone satiated on the road. Our favorite way to make overnight oats include 1/2 cups rolled oats, submerge in your milk of choice (We love a no-sugar added coconut milk or cashew milk) and let rest in the fridge until it’s an oatmeal consistency. Top the oats with your favorite berries and a little bit of honey or pure maple syrup! Yum!

3. Veggies and Hummus. 

Chopped veggies are easy to cut up ahead of time and throw into a baggie or a tupperware, along side your favorite hummus! We love the roasted red pepper flavored hummus with cucumber and bell peppers. Hummus is a chickpea based dip that is packed with healthy fats and protein and will keep the kid’s blood sugar leveled throughout the journey.

4. Mini Rice Cake PB and Banana Sandwiches.

The perfect bite-sized snack that the whole family will enjoy! It’s crunchy, salty, sweet, and easy to pack along on the go. All you need is mini brown rice cakes or popcorn cakes, your favorite nut or sunflower butter, and a banana. Add a little drizzle of honey if you don’t mind sticky fingers in the car.

5. Ants On A Log.

A classic snack for children (and adults!). Simply cut up celery into 3-inch pieces, slather on your favorite nut or sunflower butter, and top with craisins or raisins! The perfect mixture of crunch, salty, and sweet and a fun snack to have the children help prepare with you!

Having snacks readily available while traveling is an easy way to keep moods elevated and blood sugars leveled. With a little bit of planning, prepping, and packing a light-weight cooler, your family will have happy, full bellies throughout the entire journey.

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